In Spring Wines on a String

In Spring, Wines on a String is an event that takes place every April in the centre of La Cruz Santa with the aim of bringing to attention the excellent quality wines of the municipality, which stems from a centuries-old tradition of vine training, the braided string.

The vineyards of the designation of origin of the Orotava Valley, to which also belong those of Los Realejos, use a unique training system that takes a great deal of manual work and care during all phases of cultivation, from pruning up to harvesting, making the resulting wines works of pure craftsmanship. The multiple braided string is a technique that has been used by winegrowers of the area for centuries and lends the wines their special character.

La Cruz Santa is the area that comprises the most wineries and wine cellars in Los Realejos and is considered to be the epitome of Canarian white wines.

In Spring, Wines on a String offers a fusion of wines, gastronomy, music and tradition. Restaurants and wine cellars put their best products on offer at very affordable prices in an atmosphere where the last detail is taken care of.