CAI Restaurants

For now Los Realejos is the only municipality in the province of Tenerife that has been awarded the CAI seal of approval that recognises us as a child friendly town. This recognition is issued by the Spanish Committee of UNICEF. The permanent secretariat consists of: Health Ministery, Office of Social Security and Equality, Association of Spanish Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP in Spanish) and the University Institute for the Rights and Needs of Children and Adolescents (IUNDIA in Spanish).

The programme “Child friendly towns” was created by UNICEF Spain in 2001 with the aim of promoting the application of the Convention about the Rights of Children in Spanish villages throughout the country. A child friendly town is one whose local administration is committed to respect the rights of infancy, where the opinions, needs and priorities of children form an integral part of public policy and decision making, which results in an urban administration style that guarantees that the youngest citizens’ rights are taken fully into account.

With this in mind, the municipal offices for tourism and infancy wanted to promote a new initiative in collaboration with the restaurants of the municipality, called “child friendly restaurants”.

Families are demanding places where children are well received and can be comfortable. If the child feels comfortable, the family will return. Many families are tired of fast food restaurants.

It is not about transporting the daily struggle at home into the restaurant so that the child eat, but to make sure that the menus are varied, balanced and attractive and from there reduce the fear of trying out new things. The aim is that the children eat healthy and balanced meals, with an adequate variety of foods.

Therefore, the restaurants that comprise this network will offer special menus for children, play areas, didactic elements, animated activities and many other services which we invite you to discover.

CAI Restaurants